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Monday, March 14, 2016

St. Patrick's Day Collaboration: The 30s Club Cocktail

I'm so excited about today's post!  I have collaborated with a friend and fellow blogger.  Meet Laurel Donahoo.

She is the owner and designer of The Lovely Bee Stationary and Paper Company.  She blogs about life and all things interesting and beautiful at The Hive.  Check her out here:  Laurel and I knew we wanted our blog collaboration to have a St. Patrick's Day theme.  Today she is serving up the perfect cocktail to make for your Shamrock celebration!

Hey everyone! I am so excited to have the opportunity to guest post over here on my friend Lauren’s blog! When thinking about what I wanted my post to be about, my mind immediately went to cocktails, since they compliment food so nicely! (And we know Lauren is a master in the kitchen when it comes to food!)

Here’s how this cocktail started: I was in a local liquor store and saw a really pretty bottle that I wanted to have on my bar at home, so I bought it. It was Pierre Ferrand Dry Curacao. When I got home, I started looking for recipe ideas that involved the lovely liqueur! I found a great one that I slightly modified to fit my personal tastes, so here she is!

I’ve named this cocktail The 30s Club for several reasons! It is based on a 1930s recipe called the Pegu Club. Since I don’t know what Pegu is (do you?!) I decided to omit that word from my adaptation of the cocktail! (By the way, I once read that, when naming your own cocktails, if they are based on other recipes, you should give some sort of reference to the original name or creator of that recipe!)  Since I’m 30 and this is the best year of my life (since I just had my second child with my awesome husband!), I thought the number 30 in the title could have a dual meaning!

The recipe for this cocktail is really simple, so get your shaker and a coupe glass out, and let’s get started! 

You’ll need…

…. 2 oz. gin
…. 1/2 oz. dry curaƧao
…. juice from 1/2 lemon
…. one shake of orange bitters
…. one shake of aromatic bitters

Combine all of this with some ice in a shaker and get your arm workout on. Then strain into a pretty glass, garnish with lemon peel, and start sipping! 

I hope you enjoy your 30s Club cocktail as much as I do. Cheers to life! 

-Laurel Donahoo
The Lovely Bee