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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Cool Weather, Italian Wedding Soup and 90s R&B

Hallelujah for cool, windy weather today!  This is the type of weather I love!...Especially in October....the month that I enjoy being eerie-fied and creeped out.  Really, I've been seeking out books and movies that give me a "mysterious/something's just around the corner/things are not quite what they seem" feel.  The gusty wind and cloudy weather of today gave me that feeling I've been looking for.  It was a great day for soup!  I had been anxiously anticipating the first eve of soup-making and here it was!

This is a recipe that I've done numerous times.  It is so delicious!!  I'm going to share it with you straight out of this Southern Living cookbook I have.  The reason I have this book is because of my friend, Ashley.  She had it first and I fell in love with it!

The only thing I did differently was use different pasta.  The recipe calls for Rotini.  I used Armoniche, which is beautiful, and I found it at Aldi!

Recently, I watched Pitch Perfect 2.  I love love love the first Pitch Perfect!  It is hilarious and the music is awesome!  I always feel that sequels don't quite measure up to originals.  My feelings about this one are still mixed.  It was entertaining, but some parts didn't quite hit the mark, I felt.  However, I enjoyed the Riff Off.  In the midst of it, the theme was 90s Hip Hop.  One of the groups opened it up with a song I've always loved..."This is How We Do It".  Since watching the movie, I've had that song on my mind.  My kids have even starting singing it...accurately (yes, it's that bad).  Tonight, as I was making this soup, the kids and I danced around the kitchen to this song.  We listened to it multiple times.  Here it is for your listening pleasure!  I hope you make this soup to the tune of this classic 90s beat and get it stuck in your mind like me!